Our Services

We can be contacted by telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 01522 589942.

Our premises are modern and well equipped, you can be assured that the care and respect of your loved one is of paramount importance to us and they will be cared for to the highest standard.

All funerals are different and a huge selection of options are available to provide everyone with a special and unique funeral.


Transport can be highly variable from the usual car-based hearse to a horse drawn hearse or a motorcycle hearse.

Horse Drawn Hearse

Horse Drawn Hearse with a team of Black Friesian Horses and a Black Carriage.

Horse Teams

Meet the Horse Teams, All available in any combination to make your service unique.

Triumph Motorcycle Hearse

Triumph Motorcycle Hearse. Harley Davidson and Suzuki Hayabusa also available.


Also highly variable with huge ranges to fit everyone’s needs. From a traditional shaped wood coffin to American style casket and wide range of coffins which are kinder to the environment. Specially made coffins are also available bearing unique designs, such as a favourite football teams colours or even a coffin in the shape of objects such as a boat or a plane. Eco-friendly green coffins are also available constructed in a number of materials such as cardboard, bamboo, willow and more recently banana leaves, water hyacinth and wool. Much like coffins, ashes urns also come in many varieties and can match the coffin if requested.

Traditional Oak Veneer

Traditional Oak Veneer


Greener alternative- Paulownia traditional style in Oak.

Wicker Coffin

Natural Wicker Coffin


Personalised Traditional Style, Oak Veneer.

Green burials and eco friendly funerals are becoming increasingly popular, with the option to be buried in a green coffin such as bamboo, willow or cardboard. At a woodland cemetery trees can be planted in place of headstones. There are several green burial grounds near Lincoln, each one is different and we strongly recommend visiting them to get a feel for them.

Services and funerals of every faith or no faith are available and we can accommodate anyone’s religious needs.

This list is not exhaustive, there are many services we can provide which are not shown, if you need more information please do not hesitate to call or email us.