Olympic Torch passes through Lincoln

The Olympic Torch was making its way through Lincoln this afternoon, passing the end of Queen Street as it did so. A good crowd of people were gathered to watch this once in a lifetime event. Unfortunately I was on a callout for the police as it all happened so I have had to content myself with looking at the photos Julie took.

The first picture shows our premises seen through the back of a sponsor vehicle, the second photo is the Torch itself.


The refurbishment of our funeral home is coming on well, below is a photo of the new carpet and then the carpet fitter working just outside the chapel of rest. It’s taken over a month but the refurbishment is nearly done and we are delighted with the results.




I suppose I always knew this day would come but it was still a bit of a shock when our bank, who have been very supportive of us since we opened the business, have decided to start charging us for our charity account. This is a separate account used only for handling charity donations for clients. As most people give donations in the form of  cheque payable to the charity concerned, the majority of money that passes through this account is cash from the collection plate at the crematorium. Cash is paid in, about a month later a cheque is issued, for the amount paid in, to the nominated charity. Only the charities nominated by bereaved families receive any money from this account, we don’t charge for the time we spend administering donations but now we are going to have to pay for the privilege of handling charity money. It’s a sign of the times I guess.

Office refurbishment

We spent the four days of the Easter break carrying out a much needed refurbishment and decorating of the office. We have tried to make an open, airy and inviting feel to the reception area rather than the rather formal “officey” feel we had before. It is still a work in progress with quite a bit of finishing off to do but we are pleased with result so far, more funeral home than funeral director’s office.